Smoked butter, sourdough…

our bakery oven

Piece of: Cake of the day

Our bread au chocolat


Cruffin filled with lemon

Puff pastry knot

Cinnamon rolls

'Caracola' sweet roll

Pastry of the day

Provencal 'Torsade'

Salmon and spinach 'crostatta'

Cheek Bretzell with mac sauce and 'tetilla' cheese

Baguette with pastrami, watercress and mustard mahonnaise

Our black butter bread with toppings

'El pipeao', roasted chiken, avocado and mohonnaise

Smoked salmon, campero with water cress

Fresh avocado, poached egg and nuts

Herring, beet, pickles and their roe

Pork rib 'katsu sando' with kempie