the masses of our bakery oven, in all its versions

Carrots curry from Madrid vegetable garden with roasted sweet potato and bufala butter

Seasonal tomato salad and ‘torreznos’

Snow pea, grilled bimi, hazenult meunière

Bluefin red tuna belly with almonds

Grilled Normandy scallop, smoked juice

White tuna tartare and cherries

Grouper, mango and avocado with ceviche dressing

Grilled figs salad with ricotta, anchovies and sugar snap

Cruffin of flaky bread, boletus, egg yolk and button mushrooms

Homemade pasta sheet with veal ragout

Iberian spiced ‘salchichón’ loaf, aubergine ‘escalivada’

Potato loaf, fried egg and alioli

Oil loaf, burrata and tomatoes

Flat bread pizza, Lamb and our travelled ratatouille

Pig's ear and 'salsa brava' grilled sandwich

Homemade pasta sheet, Crab and shrimp juice

Chicken rice with artichokes and green beans

Chicken stew with “garam masala” on puff pastry

Black belly monkfish, Bordelaise sauce, pak choy

Spanish beef tenderloin, miso / ginger and potatoes

Grilled sea bass with soft onion and black butter sauce