Roasted peaches, young leeks, truffles… the importance of the vegetable garden


Candied ceps on puff pastry bread

Oyster, puff pastry, cava

Old saint jacques

Pig's ear and 'salsa brava' grilled sandwich

Limon fish, white curry

Artichoke confit

Grilled pumpkin, japonese curry and veal sweetbread

Ramen, veal rib, shimeji mushrooms

Green thistle with scampi

Young leek tart tatin with truffle

Leek 'tatin' with truffle

Tomato raff salad with Iberian torrezno

Wild sea bream tartar

Italian grilled peppers with lamb dressing

'Lumagorri' chicken smoked rice

Rockfish bouillabaisse

Fried hake, green sauce and wasabi

Sea bass confit, beurre blanc, pickled fennel

Line-cought squid, endives

Grilled sea bass, toasted butter, celeriac purée

Grilled chicken with red chard

Beef tenderloin Strogonoff

Roasted quail in bread crust

Iberian pork chop, Espelette butter

Breaded veal liver with Paris coffee sauce

Piece of cake of the day

Grilled corn flan, jalapeños compote

Sticky toffee saffron ice cream

Lost bread with orange

Chocolate tartlet

Banana ice cream, almond sponge cake and bacon

Fresh milk curd