Roasted peaches, young leeks, truffles… the importance of the vegetable garden


Oyster, puff pastry, cava

Grilled pea pods, miso

Pig's ear and 'salsa brava' grilled sandwich

Ondárroa tuna, 'choricero' ponzu

Fresh sea urchin, chinese bread

Tomato and salted fruits

Sour soup, grilled king krab and zucchini

Leek 'tatin' with truffle

Homemade curdled cream and roasted peaches salad

Tongue and foie puffed terrine

Txitxarro tartare

Crystal pepper with lamb dressing

'Lumagorri' chicken smoked rice

Sauteed purslane and red shrimp over baked bun

Rockfish bouillabaisse

Fried hake, green sauce and wasabi

Sole fish, black garlic menier and mushrooms

Line-cought squid, endives

Tuna belly fillets with its juice and fried garlic shoots

Beef tenderloin, strogonoff and Oscietra caviar

Roasted quail in bread crust

Iberian pork chop, Espelette butter

Breaded veal liver with Paris coffee sauce

Piece of: Cake of the day

Rhubarb Pavlova with english cream

Lost bread with orange

Spiced ganache and cold chocolate soup

Roasted apple ice cream and 'borrachitos de calvados'

Fresh milk junket