the doughs from the bakery in all its froms…

Pig’s ear and ‘salsa brava’ grilled sándwich

Japanese bread with brisket, charsiu barbecue sauce and gouda cheese

Japanese bread with Iberian pancetta, homemade kimchie and bacon vinaigrette

Extra sweet tomato salad with torrezno

Grilled artichokes, crayfish and beurre blanc

Bluefin red tuna belly with miso/egg yolk

Calanda peach salad with ricotta, anchovies and sugar snap

Warm salad ¨ THE OMAR¨, red potato, pickled shitake, pilpil boletus.

Steak tartar, button mushrooms and flaky bread

Chicken rice with fried egg and green beans

Carrots curry from Madrid with roasted sweet potato and bufala butter

Homemade pasta with “Leon chorizo” sausage and Stracciatella

Grilled sea bass with soft onion and black butter sauce

Black belly monkfish, Bordelaise sauce and pak choi

Fried cod fish, and andalucian style lettuce

Spanish beef tenderloin, miso and potatoes

Garam masala chicken, grilled croissant, stew and celery

Grilled sirloin steak, “café de paris” and parsnips